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  • Fulton County History

    Fulton County was established on February 28, 1850 and was one of the last counties in Ohio to be organized.  Land from Henry, Lucas, and Williams Counties were combined to form Fulton County.

    The old state line of Michigan runs through the central part of the county near Seward.  A historic marker notes the battle of 1835 between Michigan and Ohio over the positioning of the state line and possession of Toledo.  After the “Toledo War,” which Ohio won, the state line was moved north seven miles.

    Fulton County is made up of twelve townships and has seven incorporated villages:  Archbold, Delta, Fayette, Lyons, Metamora, Swanton and Wauseon.  Wauseon, which is located in Clinton Township, was named county seat in 1872.  The name Wauseon comes from Chief Wa-se-on, Native American leader of the Ottawa tribe.  Prior to the arrival of European settlers, Ottawa, Potowatami and Miami Indians inhabited the county.

    The first log house was built in Wauseon by Elisha Williams in 1835.  Wauseon was also chosen as the site for the first county hospital, which was organized in 1903.

    Today, Fulton County remains a primarily agricultural area.  Corn and soybeans are the main cash crops, along with livestock production.  However, many areas of the county are experiencing rapid development and growth due in part to the westward migration of Lucas County residents and businesses.

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