• Our GREAT Parks

    Wauseon is blessed with parks to suit every need.  If you wnat to play tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, or just sit quietly and read or enjoy the quiet we have a park fo you.

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  • Cruise Night in Wauseon

    Cruise Night is from 6pm-8pm Every Tuesday; **Motorcycles -- First Tuesday of the month; ** Super Cruise is every 3rd Tuesday from 6pm-9pm.

    All summer long Fulton Street is filled with clasic and custom cars.  You've got to see this to beleive.  This is by far the biggest and best organized "cruise" event in northwest Ohio.

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  • The City of Wauseon

    A Place Rich in History and Tradition

    From its earliest days the railroad, commerce, entrepreneurship, and even the telephone have played significantly in its history. In the early 1850’s, two young railroad surveyors, Epaphras Lord Barber and John Sargent, knew the railroad held bright promise and believed that a new depot was likely to be located nearby.  There was already a depot in Delta and Delta was flourishing. 

    Together with Nathanial Leggett of Swancreek Township and William Hall, a Maumee attorney, they purchased a 160-acre tract from settler Thomas Bayes through which the railroad would run and was platted on April 11, 1854.

    These same visionaries insisted that the main business street have a 100-foot right-of-way. Their foresight created a muddy mess when first constructed, but their vision can be appreciated today with all of the motorized traffic using it now.

    The streets in the town were laid out to current conventions with streets intersecting at right angles.  North and south streets were named for the country’s famous men such as Marshal, Madison, and Franklin.  While east and west streets were named after species of trees found in the area like Elm, Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Beech, and Birch.

    Prospering Businesses

    Mr. Leggett knew a town needed attractions to succeed.  He had learned that E.L. Hayes from Delta was looking for a new town to open a store and invited him to look over the area. Hayes visited the area and was impressed, and he located his store at what is now Birch and Fulton Street.

    In 1855, the first passenger train reached Wauseon and from then on growth accelerated. Merchants moved in and service establishments sprung up and flourished and the town became a trading center.

    On June 13, 1857, the county commissioners agreed to the incorporation of the Village of Wauseon and on September 28, 1857, the village held its first meeting with Mayor Nathanial Leggett presiding.

    Wauseon can lay claim to many first in its first century and half of progress.  But the one stands out above all others was that Wauseon was the first town in the United States to establish an independent telephone company.

    Growing from the original 44 village residents to over 7,000 today, Wauseon has become the manufacturing hub of Fulton County and is home to over 300 businesses.

    Welcoming, Family-Friendly Community

    Wauseon is a very welcoming and family-friendly community. Parks and green space of varying types and sizes dot the community. Parades, festivals, and car shows make our city a vibrant place regardless of the season.

    We are a family-friendly city and a wonderful place to call home based on the quality of our schools, affordable homes, low crime rates, good jobs, and beautiful parklands. Whether you are drawn to Wauseon for our historical integrity, natural beauty, cultural and recreational offerings, great schools, or simply the unique atmosphere and relaxed way of life, we appreciate your interest in our sense of community and involvement, and look forward to seeing you grow and prosper with us. We are rich with history and tradition, and prospering businesses.  We’re a friendly community that will make you feel right at home.

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